High Temperature Feed and Expansion Tanks From McDonald Engineers

Feed and Expansion Tank

McDonald Engineers has secured a number of contracts for its range of high temperature, primary feed and expansion tanks.  These are used with open vented systems and thermal stores, especially when combined with additional fuel sources such as wood burning stoves.

Manufactured from copper and available in a range of standard sizes including 40 litres and 65 litres, as well as made to your exact requirements. The expansion tanks feature a ball valve and copper float to cope with potentially high temperatures that could reach as high as 100°C.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Whilst unusual in standard open vented installation, overheating can become a real issue with multi fuel installations and standard plastic feed and expansion tanks are likely to rupture when subjected to high temperatures.”

He continued, “Our expansion tanks are insulated using 35mm foam lagging and come equipped with an alloy lid. As these are often going into tight or unusual places, we offer a wide range of tailor made sizes to suit all installations.”

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