McDonald Engineers Supply Solar Cylinder to Renewable Training Facility

Solar PanelsMcDonald Engineers has assisted one local authority to improve their renewable energy capabilities by supplying one of their solar hot water cylinders to the training facility. With growing pressures on Local Authorities and Housing Associations to improve the energy efficiencies of their housing stock, many are now looking at how they can capitalise on renewable energy sources. However, as with any new technology, the skills shortage means that there is a degree of training required for installers to ensure that the systems are both safe and maximise energy transfer. McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, said “With over 30 years experience in manufacturing and supplying hot water cylinders to work with solar energy, we have not only established ourselves as one of the market leaders for quality but we are also one of the most supportive.” He continued, “The local authority knows we have not just supplied the cylinder but offer a complete technical support service to ensure that their installation teams can become highly proficient in carrying out professional installations.” Despite the fact that McDonald engineers have been supplying renewable energy cylinders for the last 3 decades, the company has witnessed explosive demand for its renewable range over the past 5 years. The range includes pre-fitted and pre-wired cylinders such as the ECOflow heat pump cylinder and the SOLARsave solar cylinder which drastically reduces installation time. Of course, although the renewable range cylinders can be supplied in standard sizes, McDonald Engineers always offer bespoke specifications and solutions. To find out more about McDonald Engineers Bespoke Copper Cylinder Service simply contact us on 01592 611123.

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