McDonald Engineers Offer New Low-Cost Lagging option on Calorifiers

McDonald Engineers have responded to the changing market requirements with the introduction of a new low cost lagging option on its range of calorifiers. The new low cost lagging uses foil-backed rockwool insulation to deliver a GWP rating of <1, making it an ideal solution for commercial environments. McDonald Engineers have continued to maintain their position as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of hot water cylinders thanks to their ability to remain one step ahead of the competition when it comes to new products. 2010 has already seen the launch of their Renewable Energy range and the introduction of the ECOflow heat pump cylinder which was the first cylinder of its type to be available as a standard stock item. Sales Director at Mcdonald Engineers, Jamie Stewart, explained “One of our key strengths is the close working relationships we have with our clients which enables us to identify changes in demand and respond quickly with new solutions." He continued, "We strive to provide our customers with uncompromising quality and value and it is only by continuously looking at other options and assessing our current methods that we are able to maintain our enviable position in the market”. For more information on McDonald Engineers and its full range of hot water cylinders visit

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