McDonald Engineers continue to blaze the training trails

Whilst home to some of the most experienced copper brazers in the country, McDonald Engineers recently undertook training from their brazing rod supplier. They provided an insight into the latest developments in brazing, as well as going over the advanced methods that the company employs on a daily basis. This method of joining metals using heat and a filler has been practised by McDonald Engineers for many years, however in a bid to continually develop and keep the standards high, McDonalds proactively set aside the time to hone their skills. Some of the knowledge shared, illustrated that there is always room for improvement with small tips being given along the way. Needless to say, with the newly acquired knowledge, the engineers quickly tweaked their methods to ensure that all clients gain from the benefits of best practice. Elaborating on the benefits, Jamie Stewart, Sales Director at McDonald Engineers said, “These types of programmes are an essential part of our development strategy that provide enormous benefits to everyone. We improve on the quality of our products and processes. In turn our clients receive a much quicker and efficient production service”. He continued, “If anyone thinks that they are above training, they have got to be kidding themselves!” This course of continuous improvement adds to the ongoing commitment that McDonald Engineers have invested over the preceding years. For more information on the range of products and services offered by McDonald Engineers visit or contact their technical sales team on 01592 611123.

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