PLATEflow system scores top marks by controlling peak flow rates in school sports centre

Plate Heat Exchanger

 Pupils were not the only ones to gain top marks in school recently as McDonald Engineers helped a client who was faced with the challenge of providing a buffer for a short period of peak demand linked with a Plate Heat Exchanger to provide a steady flow rate.

McDonald Engineers worked with the client, providing their expert advice and guidance to assess all the alternatives before developing the perfect solution using their PLATEflow system.

McDonald Engineers' Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained  “At McDonald Engineers we like to put all the available options down on the table and come up with the best possible solution for our clients.

It’s our ability to listen to our clients requirements, remain flexible and provide the best solution based on the situation at hand that keeps them returning time and time again.”

The result was to supply a PLATEflow unit with a 550 Litre Vented Grade 2 cylinder and Plate Heat Exchanger. Thanks to the off-site pre-assembly the contractor was able to dramatically reduce installation time.

The McDonalds PLATEflow system is specifically designed to supply hot water in situations where demand can vary over the course of a day and is ideal for use within hotels, hospitals, factories and in this case, a School Sports Centre in Edinburgh.

It effectively decreases the amount of stored hot water required, while still delivering peak flow rates as demanded. And with the PLATEflow system there are plenty of options available to offer.

The PLATEflow can be supplied as either a vented, tank fed unit, or is suitable for unvented applications, when fed from the mains or a boosted cold water supply.

Click here to find out more on the McDonald Engineers PLATEflow system or call our technical sales team on 01592 611123.

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