McDonald Engineers bespoke TIMEsaver plumbing unit saves time and space

TIMEsaverMcDonald Engineers has supplied no less than 62 customised TIMEsaver Plumbing Units to a local authority as part of their upgrade works to a tower block of flats. The TIMEsaver system was identified as providing the perfect solution for the project which had no existing gas supply and was required to meet Byelaw 30 of the Water Regulations. McDonald Engineers' TIMEsaver system provides a quick and simple to install solution featuring an integrated cold water facility with a highly efficient hot water cylinder, capable of being powered by electricity, solar power, heat pumps as well as gas. McDonald Engineers ability to customise their standard TIMEsaver units, also enabled the contractor and the local authority to develop a bespoke solution, sized specifically for the project and with custom located connections to decrease the installation time even further. Sales Director Jamie Stewart, explained " The TIMEsaver is a highly effective compact solution that gives plumbers and specifiers an alternative to the conventional separate hot water cylinder and cold water storage systems." He continued, "In addition to the enormous savings in time achieved from it being a complete unit that has be described as 'Plumb and Play,' a key feature of the TIMEsaver is it does away with the need for communal cold water storage tanks and allows each flat to enjoy the peace of mind of having its own tank. " Another option available on the TIMEsaver  is to incorporate a factory fitted Stuart Turner pump to ensure the water being delivered from the cylinder achieves mains pressure for power showering etc. For more information on the TIMEsaver system visit or call the technical sales team on 01592 611123.