McDonald Engineers' Custom Cylinders Save Money on Large Thermal Store Contract

THERMflow Thermal Stores from McDonald EngineersDispelling the myth that bespoke cylinders are just for one-off projects, McDonald Engineers has enabled one Scottish Local Authority to save a significant amount of time and installation costs on a project which required over 400 thermal stores. By working closely with the project team, McDonald Engineers were able to re- position several key connections on its standard THERMflow Thermal Store, to suit the incoming pipework and make it easier for the installation team to access. In doing so, the installation team were able to install the cylinders much quicker and with less materials, saving time, money and hassle on site. McDonald Engineers' Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, "Our flexible manufacturing process is renowned for being able to produce one off cylinders quickly and efficiently.  However there is a growing client base, who now realise the enormous benefits that can be achieved just by tweaking the design of existing products for large volume contracts." He continued, "By making simple changes, such as repositioning the connections, clients can achieve significant time and material savings.  When you add up all the savings, whether it is on a contract of 20 homes or 20,000 cylinder installations, it's easy to see how much can be saved." To see how much you could save, contact our technical sales team on 01592 611123.

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