Copper Washers for Council Contract

Copper Washers

McDonald Engineers were recently approached by a merchant who had a bit of unusual request - 'Can you supply copper washers for a council who needs them for a particular contract they are working on?' 

As you may be aware, copper washers are often used in piping, electronics and biomedical applications as they are a great conductor of heat and when very pure, a good conductor of electricity.  Copper is also quite a malleable material which means that when a copper washer is crushed between two surfaces, it can fill any imperfection.

As specialist copper manufacturers, we of course rose to the challenge and delivered the project on time and to everyone's satisfaction.

“We were delighted to fulfil the council's requirements and demonstrate that we can apply the same quality of workmanship and flexibility to such unusual requests as we do to our range of hot water cylinders” commented Sales Director Jamie Stewart.

He continued, "In an industry where every second counts, it is imperative that our products are turned around quickly. Many installers and specifiers don't realise just how quickly we can make copper cylinders for them with most orders despatched within two to three days. We also stock over 90 different sizes of cylinders for immediate availability."

So, the next time you need some copper washers, or indeed require any product manufactured from copper, contact our technical sales team on 01592 611123 who will be only too happy to help.

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