Making Solar Water Heating Solutions Easy With SOLARsave

McDonald Engineers has made solar hot water systems easy with its SOLARsave pre-plumbed unit which features a high performance dual coil copper cylinder with all the major components pre-fitted and pre-wired for a quick and easy installation.

Available in vented and WRAS approved unvented cylinders, the SOLARsave unit comes supplied with a Solar Differential Controller pre-plumbed to the solar coil.  Simply connect the flow & return and solar sensor from the differential controller, along with a solar expansion vessel and relief valve and your solar system is ready to use. McDonald Engineers's Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, said "Whilst we have an extensive portfolio of expert solar installers who recognise the benefits from high quality copper cylinders in solar thermal solutions, we were receiving a growing number of enquiries from plumbing contractors who wanted a complete 'plumb and go' solution." He continued, " SOLARsave not only makes the specification of the hot water system simple, the pre-fitted and prewired components dramatically reduce the installation time of the system, making it easy and accessible to a far greater number of installation contractors." McDonald Engineers also offers its full range of thermal stores, unvented cylinders and calorifiers now available with solar compatibility. For more information visit or call 01592 611123.

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