Solar Cylinders: McDonald Engineers Play A Key Role in Solar Energy Programme

Hot Water Cylinders for Solar PanelsMcDonald Engineers is using its extensive experience in harnessing the power of solar energy in its solar cylinders, to provide hot water to one of Scotland's largest local authorities, who is rolling out its highly successful programme to private households and firms. McDonald Engineers has been one of the UK's leading manufacturers of hot water cylinders since 1946 and has been developing the solar compatibility of its cylinders for the last three decades, establishing itself at the cutting edge of renewable energy. The company will be providing vital specification assistance and installation advice to the various partners involved with the project, to ensure that every project maximises the energy transfer from solar panels to the hot water. McDonald Engineer's Managing Director, Bill Stewart, explained "Studies show that a solar water heating system could provide around a third of annual hot water needs and reduce the impact on the environment but only with a highly efficient heat transfer process." He continued, "There is a growing recognition of the superior benefits that copper coils and cylinders can have in the renewable energy sector.   Copper’s thermal conductivity is far superior to other material, such as stainless steel and also our manufacturing process allows a far larger heating surface than other manufacturers. ” “The improved thermal conductivity, means that it will take significantly less time and solar energy required, for the copper coil to raise its temperature to the required level, compared to the stainless steel coil. The company now offers full compatibility across the range, of its POWERflow 2000 Unvented Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder, THERMflow Thermal Storage Cylinders, ELECTRAflow Electric Wet Central Heating Systems, the TIMEsaver plumbing unit, its full range of Calorifiers and of course its original SOLARsave system. If you are considering solar energy for your property or project, or indeed any renewable energy source, such as Geothermal and Air Source Heat Pumps, McDonald Engineers are available to assist you, to ensure your hot water cylinder is the perfect solution. Please call on 01592 611123 or email

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