Future Proof Your Hot Water System With an Unvented Cylinder

Powerflow Unvented Cylinder Many architects, installers and end clients are turning to unvented cylinders as a means of future proofing their project, due to the systems' ability to work with renewable energy sources such as solar and heat pump installations. An unvented cylinder can be either heated directly by electricity or indirectly from an auxiliary boiler, typically gas or oil fired, and can be linked to a solar thermal or heat pump installation.  When installed with a new generation   condensing   boiler, as   required   under   the   current  Building Regulations,  and connected to a renewable energy source, CO2 emissions and energy consumption are reduced. With the growing unpredictability of energy prices together with the growing movement towards a renewable energy culture, many are seeing unvented systems as a means of keeping their options open with regards to powering their hot water system. McDonald Engineers, Sales Directors, Jamie Stewart, explained " Both solar thermal and heat pump systems require hot water storage, such as an unvented cylinder and the perfect partner for these renewable technologies is a copper unvented cylinder with specifically developed solar or heat pump coils.  Copper gives unrivalled heat transfer and maximises the benefits of solar and heat pumps" McDonald Engineers' POWERflow 2000 range is one of the UK's leading unvented copper cylinder systems and the company's experience and expertise in producing one-off systems, to meet the exact requirements of a multi-fuel solution, is highly respected in the heating sector. Jamie continued, "We have been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to designing hot water cylinders that are compatible with solar energy and heat pump solutions. However it's our unique ability to manufacture for large contracts and for one-offs, to our uncompromising quality standards and unrivalled lead times, that has enabled us to establish our enviable reputation in the UK market place." To find out more about McDonald Engineers extensive range of "Renewable Ready' solutions visit www.mcdonaldwaterstorage.com or call 01592 611123.

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