Mitsubishi Ecodan Insist on Copper Hot Water Cylinders for their Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, has reinforced copper's superior performance in renewable energy systems, by insisting that only copper hot water cylinders, such as McDonald Engineers POWERflow 2000 unvented cylinders,  are used in conjunction with their new advanced Ecodan heat pump systems. The news adds further weight to McDonald Engineers' campaign to promote copper's green credential when it comes to heat transfer and recyclability - as well as its bacteria killing properties. McDonald Engineers' copper cylinders are used widely with Mitsubishi’s Ecodan products and also a wide range of other Geothermal and Air Source Heat Pumps, due to the company's unrivalled reputation in the Renewable.  With over  65 years experience in developing its product range to maximise the heat transfer process, McDonald Engineers has the skills, knowledge and expertise, to develop bespoke solutions to suit renewable energy applications. McDonald Engineers' now offer solar and heat pump compatibility with its POWERflow 2000 Unvented Cylinder, THERMflow Thermal Store, ELECTRAflow Electric Wet System, SOLARsave Pre-Plumbed Solar System and TIMEsaver Plumbing Unit, as well as its full range of Calorifiers. However with the company's unique ability to manufacture bespoke hot water cylinders to a client's exact requirements, McDonald Engineers is fast becoming the copper cylinder manufacturer of choice when it comes to heat pumps and renewable energy solutions. For details on McDonald Engineers’ heat pump cylinders click here or contact us for more information

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