How to Achieve Constant Hot Water from Your Calorifier- No Matter How High the Demand

Many people err on the side of caution when designing hot water systems for commercial environments, such as hotels, hospitals and offices. 

However thanks to McDonald Engineers combination of its calorifier and plate heat exchanger systems, you can achieve the right level of hot water when you need it most. At a time when every client is looking to achieve a cost effective and energy efficient system, whilst ensuring that it is never caught out, many specifiers tend to play it safe, when it comes to determining the size of storage cylinder for the hot water system.

The problem with over specifying the hot water buffer capacity for a commercial environment, is that you will continuously require additional energy to heat water that is rarely used. However the flip side of the coin, is that an under specification can lead to running out of hot water which can seriously damage customer satisfaction levels. McDonald's PLATEflow system compromises a Plate Heat Exchanger, which is pre-piped and mounted on to a calorifier, to supply continuous hot water, with the re-assurance that the buffer capacity is available during peak periods.

The system also ensures that any excess hot water generated by the Plate Heat Exchanger is never wasted and instead is diverted to recharge the buffer vessel. The solution effectively decreases the amount of stored hot water required, whilst preventing the system from ever running out.

McDonald Engineers' Sales Director, Jamie Stewart explained "As well as delivering the most energy efficient solution, the fact that we can supply the system pre-assembled to your specification can significantly reduce installation and commissioning time, which is critical in commercial environments." To find out how you could save energy on your next project call 01592 611123 or view our calorifiers and plateFLOW pages now

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