ELECTRAflow Wet Electric Heating System is Perfect Choice in Refurb Market

ELECTRAflow wet central heating system

ELECTRAflow's 100% heating efficiency combined with its low installation costs has made it the perfect choice for housing associations and contractors looking at developing or refurbishing new houses, flatted developments and properties in rural areas with no natural gas supply.



Manufactured by leading copper cylinder specialist, McDonald Engineers, The ELECTRAflow system's integrated electric boiler and copper storage cylinder is both cheaper to install than a heat pump, requires no annual boiler maintenance and is more efficient than other forms of heating such as night storage, oil and LPG providing significant cost savings throughout its lifetime.

The compact system also requires no flue making it easy to situate and ideal for listed buildings and high rise flats.

Available in vented and unvented systems, ELECTRAflow can also be integrated with additional fuel types including solar panels, solid fuels and can used to power underfloor heating as well as standard radiators.

McDonald Engineers, Managing Director, Bill Stewart, commented, "The days of electric heating solutions being prohibitively expensive to run are over with the robust, intelligent and highly cost effective solution offered by ELECTRAflow particularly when combined with solar energy and economy tariffs from the utility companies."

For more information on the ELECTRAflow system and the full range of hot water systems available from McDonald Engineers visit www.mcdonaldwaterstorage.com or call 01592 611123.

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