Hot Water Cylinder News

Scottish Gas Engineer

Providing Support To The Plumbing Trade

It is fantastic to be able to provide a positive news story at any point, but especially during these difficult times we are experiencing.
We were recently able to help where a homeowner’s unit had failed, leaving them without any hot water. They were able to replace their original unit with one of our Coral Si thermal store products that we had in stock. 

Business contingency update surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic

McDonald Water Storage have been closely monitoring the escalation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, along with the guidance the government are providing the UK. 
The health and safety of both our employees and customers remain our priority. As a result, we have introduced significant preventive actions in line with health guidelines, to limit the risk of coronavirus spreading. 

Business contingency plans during the Covid-19 pandemic

McDonald Water Storage have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) escalation over the past days and weeks, along with the guidance the government are also providing the UK. The situation has created a lot of uncertainty and it will ultimately impact companies and supply chains across the world.
John Dunn

Sales Team Expansion in Southern England

We are pleased to announce the appointment John Dunn to the position of Regional Sales Manager for Southern England.

Jason Hobson Divisional Director for McDonald Water Storage explains “We are delighted to have John join our team. He brings with him a vast experience of technical sales, including thermal store technology, having worked with contractors, Housing Associations, merchants and installers for over 10 years in his previous roles with Gledhill.”

THERMflow 1000 Litre

Specialist Bespoke Manufacturing Capability

This 1000 litre THERMflow, with multiple fittings, highlights the expertise of our coppersmiths at McDonald Water Storage.

Interesting to see the cylinder in its natural form before the insulation and white casing is applied.

It is a fantastic example of the flexibility and benefits of our bespoke manufacturing service, meeting even the most complex customer requirements.

POWERflow meets specific requirements

Having recently used a POWERflow unvented horizontal cylinder, and both the installer and the homeowner were impressed with the performance, it was fantastic to hear we were the first choice when it came to selecting a cylinder for another restricted installation space within a loft space.

Scottish Engineering Safety Award

Fantastic news that for the 7th year running, we have received the Scottish Engineering Safety Award.

Not having any accidents within our manufacturing centre in this time period is a great credit to our manufacturing team.

POWERflow Horizontal Unvented

Made to Measure

With a client brief to improve water performance and to create further space within the master en-suite bathroom by removing the existing open vented hot water cylinder, an installer recently came to us with a requirement for a POWERflow unvented horizontal cylinder.

The cylinder needed to be a bespoke design to fit a roof void which was only being used as storage and to house the existing cold water storage tanks. By doing so, the installer was able to remove the existing cylinder and to free up the required space on the first floor of the property. 

Copper Urn

A Unique Final Tribute

We were touched to be contacted by a member of the public whose father had sadly, recently passed away.

Terry Ray of James Ray Heating was a plumber for over 40 years and was well known for his work and skill as a plumbing and heating engineer. He worked extensively up and down the country, working for the Wolseley Group fitting out new branches and maintaining their properties.

MULTIflow Thermal Store

New MULTIflow Thermal Store Launched

Fantastic to see our first order for five MULTIflow thermal stores leaving the factory this week.

Our new MULTIflow thermal store is specifically designed to provide a high performance, mains pressure hot water solution.