750 Litre Copper Calorifier for Ullapool Ferry Terminal Upgrade

McDonald Engineers has designed, manufactured and supplied a 750 Litre copper calorifier for the upgrade works to Ullapool Ferry Terminal.

The development features an innovative heating and hot water system which uses an ocean source heat pump topped up by solar, photo voltaic panels, located on the terminal roof.

The specification required a sophisticated calorifier which featured a range of additional safety features including an anti-vacuum valve, bursting disc, an anti-legionella de-stratification pump and inspection manhole to meet BS:853 standards.

The cylinder also featured backup immersion system to ensure hot water would always be available to the 700 passengers waiting to board the ferries departing the terminal.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Copper tends to be the material of choice for calorifiers, due to its superior durability, flexibility and bacteria killing properties. By their very nature, low temperature hot water heat sources such as heat pumps, result in lower stored water temperatures.  This can lead to microbial growth such as legionella, copper is widely recognised as the material to kill these bacteria.”

He continued, “By working closely with the consultant involved in the project, we were able to assist with the specification process to optimise the cylinder design and to ensure it met all the safety and manufacturing standard requirements.”

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