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Commercial Water Heaters, Hot Water Cylinders and Calorifiers

When it comes to selecting a commercial water heater, cylinder or calorifier, it's got to be copper. That’s because the heat up time is so critical to a larger cylinder and copper’s superior heat transfer process can deliver significant cost savings over the lifecycle of the solution – not to mention the amazing bacteria killing properties which all but eliminates the risk of Legionella, E. coli and MRSA.

McDonald Water Storage have an excellent range of commercial water heaters and hot water cylinders for you to explore. Find a commercial water heater to suit your requirements by clicking on the links below:

Calorifiers – Commercial unvented cylinders and vented cylinders

Buffer Tanks – Large accumulator tanks to store excess heat

PLATEflow – Calorifier with plate heat exchanger to meet peak demands

Marine Calorifiers – Marine grade cylinders to suit every type of vessel

If you are unsure about the best commercial water heater or cylinder for your project contact our technical sales team now on 01592 611123.

Why choose McDonald Water Storage for your Commercial Water Heater and Hot Water Cylinder requirements?

With our expertise in the design, specification and manufacture of bespoke commercial grade hot water cylinders, you can be assured of our superior quality and excellent customer service.

We offer an extensive range of commercial hot water heater storage solutions to suit your needs. And our ability to manufacture cylinders to any shape, any size and any capacity.

We can advise on the best hot water cylinder type to meet any peaks in demand for hot water, the right cylinder size and the right specification to minimise the running costs as well as the full range of accessories such as inspection manholes and de-strat pumps.

And when it comes to lead times, we generally manufacture and deliver commercial cylinders within 2 weeks, however, we will always try to accommodate your timetable.

Why you should consider copper for your Commercial Water Heater?

  1. Unrivalled Bacteria Killing Properties – kills 99.9% of bacteria such as E. coli, Legionella and MRSA within a fraction of the time to other materials.
  2. Copper continues to be the preferred material of choice for hot water cylinders, however, when it comes to commercial hot water solutions, which tend to have larger capacities, copper’s superior properties make it almost indispensable.
  3. Superior Thermal Transfer Process – minimises heat up times and therefore running costs
  4. Improved Durability and Reliability – copper cylinders tend to made of thicker material and are less susceptible to corrosion

McDonald Water Storage: Contact us today to discuss your commercial water heater and cylinder requirements.