Calorifiers for Schools

McDonald Engineers has manufactured 2no 1200 litre Calorifiers for a school in South Lanarkshire which were designed to minimise the risk of legionella and allow easy maintenance.

The project was part of South Lanarkshire Council’s refurbishment programme and McDonald Engineers were asked to design and specify the Calorifiers which would meet the exact water demands of the building.

To allow easy inspection and routine maintenance, McDonald Engineers installed a manhole cover as well as gauges to monitor the temperature and pressure in the cylinder

With Legionella a major concern for hot water systems in public buildings, McDonald Engineers also specified a de-stratification pump which prevents the water from stagnating in the cylinder and therefore avoiding any bacteria from building up in the tank.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “The increased awareness of legionella and the potential dangers has seen a growing number of calorifiers being specified to feature de-strat pumps, which circulate the water in the tank, and therefore ensure a more consistent temperature throughout the system.”

He continued, “This simple component, combined with the superior bacteria killing properties of copper, delivers a highly effective defence mechanism which all but eradicates the threat of legionella.”

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