Heat Pump Calorifiers for London Office

McDonald Engineers’ expertise in delivering energy efficient hot water systems for commercial environments, was put to the test by the Department for Communities and Local Government at their headquarters in central London.Four Calorifiers at Eland House 

With a total focus on energy efficiency by the design team at Eland House, formerly the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, McDonald Engineers manufactured and supplied four dual coil POWERflow commercial calorifiers for the refurbishment project.

The 1320 litre calorifiers were designed to work with two fuel sources.  A Heat Pump was being used as the primary heat source and the units were therefore fitted with a high efficiency copper heat exchanger, to maximise the heat transfer from the heat pump’s lower flow temperature.  A back up heat exchanger, for a normal boiler was added, to supplement the energy when required.

In line with the latest recommendations from many heat pump manufacturers, both the cylinders and the coils were manufactured from copper. 

This provides significant benefits in terms of maximum heat transfer, as well as boasting superior bacteria killing properties.

McDonald Engineers' Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained "As more projects aim to maximise the energy efficiency of the hot water system, we are seeing a rise in enquiries from companies installing heat pumps who recognise that copper can deliver superior results."

He continued, " Copper is fast becoming the material of choice for hot water systems using multiple fuel sources such as heat pumps. Copper's thermal conductivity is almost 30 times greater than that of Stainless Steel.  This means it can heat water to higher temperatures in a far shorter period of time."

With access to the boiler room extremely limited by doorway space, but a specified amount of storage required, McDonald Engineers were provided with the maximum dimensions that would fit. The company ensured every millimetre was utilised, by manufacturing the cylinders to extremely tight tolerances.  The Calorifiers were then  lagged on site.

Jamie added, "The client was delighted with the end result and our ability to maximise the size, commenting that if there had been a coat of paint on the cylinder, it would not have gone through the door."

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