Calorifier Maintenance Solution Transforms Performance

McDonald Engineers has transformed the performance of an 800 litre pre-heat solar calorifier in an existing building following routine maintenance to address lower temperatures during peak periods.

The low temperatures being achieved by the pre heat calorifier was resulting in increased energy consumption by the rest of the system as the benefits of the solar thermal technology was not being capitalised upon.

The additional concern was the lower temperatures in the cylinder may have caused potential issues with legionella in the future.

McDonald Engineers proposed a solution which saw 2no 6kW immersion heaters being fitted into the Calorifier which would not only provide the calorifier with a boost during peak periods but could also be used periodically to heat the tank up to higher temperatures and therefore kill off any bacteria.

The existing calorifier was returned to McDonald Engineers who stripped the casing, added the immersion heaters and cleaned out the cylinder before returning it to the client within a matter of days.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “The recent legionella issue has seen a significant change in the specification, testing  and ongoing maintenance of calorifiers. Back up immersions are now fitted as a matter of course to all calorifiers, especially when it comes to larger cylinders such as this one.”

He continued, “One of our core strengths at McDonald Engineers is designing and specifying cylinders which meet the exact requirements and demands of the hot water system. Our knowledge of renewable energy and its implications on hot water cylinders is second to none and is regularly called upon by specialists in the industry.”