Best Hot Water Cylinders 2015

mcdonald engineers superior hot water cylinder range

This year has been a momentous year for McDonald Years, not only with our 70th anniversary celebrations, but with the broad range of prestigious projects we have manufactured our hot water cylinders for.

So in addition to the thousands of standard specification hot water cylinders which we supply to customers across the UK, we have picked out a few of our own personal highlights.

Most Expensive Residential Property

We were delighted to secure the contract to manufacture and supply the hot water cylinder for a £19million house in central London. The 450 Litre horizontal unvented cylinder was design to suit the exact needs and demands of the owner. Now who would live in a house like this.

Cylinders for Celebrity Homes

Whilst we know our cylinders have been installed in a number of celebrity’s homes this year, our own particular favourite was the solar thermal cylinder supplied for Balmoral – such a well known property with an amazing history and owned by no other than the Queen.  Sadly doesn’t mean we can have a coat of arms and By Royal Appointment over the door, but very nice to have been involved with this project with AES Solar and their panels.

Stately Homes and Hotels

Our portfolio of stately homes and hotel projects is second to none, however we were torn between two castles for our highlight of the year. So take a bow to the stunning Dalmunzie Castle in Glenshee and Knock Castle in Largs.  

Cylinders for Retail Sector

Although we have supplied a few prestigious retail outlets this year, our highlight this year has been supplying various Calorifiers for Sainsburys stores across the UK. Just goes to show how our quality calorifiers and ability to deliver within tight deadlines is appreciated by other leading brands

Cylinders for Drinks Industry

Copper has a long and proud tradition in the drinks industry with copper stills used in the whisky making process and we were delighted to supply a 1000 Litre POWERflow unvented cylinder for a well known brewery in Tayside. No alcohol was consumed in making this decision and sadly our offer of a barter arrangement was not taken up….

Small Hot Water Cylinders

Our bespoke cylinder expertise means that we can pretty much manufacture anything you require, no matter how small. Our pick of our small hot water cylinders in 2015 is the 15no. 96 Litre unvented cylinders to be fitted in the carriages of a new luxury train. This on the back of supplying them for the sister train The Royal Scotsman in 2003 and our reliability has proved second to none. Toot Toot.

Hot Water Cylinder Turnaround of the Year

With so many of our hot water cylinders going out within a matter of days, it’s probably the most difficult category to pick a highlight. So we picked two. The first was a calorifier for a primary school.  Enquiry received at 6.30pm Wed and delivered to the customer by 10am Friday.

The second was a 600 litre calorifier for a care home in the North East of England with a similar response time, however our quick service meant the client avoided spending thousands of pounds having to move their residents to hotels.

Hot Water Cylinder for Most Unusual Application

We get asked to manufacture a lot of bespoke cylinders however this was the first time we have supplied one for a tree house. The 65 litre combination cylinder was for a family sized tree house in Wales. Now that is taking tree hugging to a new level – but we like it!!