Replacement Elson Topaz Units

Replacement Elson Topaz Tank
McDonald Water Storage has demonstrated its ability to manufacture like-for-like replacement hot water tanks for virtually any existing system by designing, manufacturing and supplying a like-for-like replacement for an Elson Topaz tank.
With Elson discontinuing their entire range of rectangular units in 2011, McDonald Water Storage purchased the manufacturing equipment and recruited one of the Senior Product Engineers to meet the demand for replacement units.
McDonald Water Storage designed and manufactured a rectangular hot water tank, made to grade 3 specification, which is fed from a remote header tank 8m above.
The nature of the tank meant that McDonald Water Storage had to use a heavier grade copper and an exoskeleton to keep the tank rigid.
McDonald Water Storage’s Sales Director, David Stewart, explained “The Elson Topaz was quite an unusual unit even in Elson’s heyday, however, I am delighted at how our design and production teams were able to manufacture a perfect replacement.”
He continued, “Our ability to manufacture custom designed hot water solutions to any shape, size and capacity is quite unique in the market.  However, our inhouse Elson expertise has been instrumental in being able to deliver this particular project.”
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