How to Maximise Capacity in Minimum Space with a Thermal Store

300 litre rectangular thermal store with multiple fuel sources for renewable energy heating specialists
McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke hot water storage solutions by delivering a 300 litre rectangular thermal store with multiple fuel sources to one of the UK’s leading renewable energy heating specialists.
Having worked with McDonald Engineers on custom-designed hot water storage solutions for several years, the client discussed the project with our technical sales team and emailed a hand-drawn sketch with their thoughts.
The hot water storage solution was going to be located in the eaves of a luxury home in Scotland and the brief was simple - maximise capacity in the available space with a thermal store and minimise heat losses.
The optimum solution was a rectangular CUBEflow thermal store measuring 500mm wide by 550mm deep and 1100mm high with 100mm insulation and a galvanised cased finish to provide a finished size of 700mm x 750mm x 1300mm.
To maximise capacity, McDonald Engineers UK positioned the 40 litre expansion tank on top of the main rectangular tank and sized to take into account the angles eaves of the roof.
The CUBEflow thermal store was designed to ensure all connections were located to the front of the tank to assist with the installation process, with only the back up immersion located to the right-hand side.
The system was designed to work in conjunction with solid fuel and solar thermal energy and so McDonald Engineers incorporated a scorch coil into the thermal store to provide an additional safety feature to prevent overheating – particularly in the event of power cuts.
The result was a highly efficient CUBEflow rectangular thermal store which met all the hot water demands of the property whilst ensuring the system was manufactured in a way it could be located in the attic and so free up valuable cupboard space.

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