Elson Replacement Solution Saves Time & Money

Elson Water Tank Replacement

When a London Borough was looking to replace the now discontinued Elson rectangular hot water storage tanks, which were coming to the end of their working life, they called upon McDonald Engineers UK’s expertise in manufacturing bespoke hot water storage solutions, to achieve exact replacements of the existing Elson units.

The rectangular tanks were originally designed as space saving solutions to fit snugly within tight spaces, such as airing cupboards and loft spaces.

To achieve the height required by the gravity fed system, the Elson water heaters were designed and supplied to be located on a shelf and therefore any changes to specification would compromise on capacity, space and ease of installation.

With our in-depth knowledge of the original Elson hot water tanks and our technical expertise, we carried out a detailed survey of the initial units, to ensure every connection and specification was exactly as per the originals.

McDonald Water Storage delivered the perfect solution, enhancing the specification by increasing the thickness of the copper, to provide a more robust and reliable product, with increased insulation to reduce heat loss and a pristine white case for the perfect finish.

But most crucially, the McDonald Water Storage UK’s CUBEflow was designed and manufactured to ensure a perfect match with the existing pipework, minimising both the time and costs of installation.

Such has been the success of the units, the London Borough has gone on to order in excess of 50 further rectangular tanks, including indirect sealed and indirect open vented units.

To find out more about the hot water storage solutions we provide to Housing Associations click here or find out more about our Cubeflow Rectangular Tanks which provide direct replacements to Elson Tanks.

McDonald Water Storage: The perfect hot water heater replacement solutions for Elson water tanks.

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