New Research Shows Significant Annual Cost Savings from Copper vs Stainless Steel Cylinders

Cost Benefits of Copper Hot Water Cylinders

Following on from the research carried out by Ulster University which demonstrated the major performance benefits of copper over stainless steel, McDonald Engineers UK has conducted a new project in order to take the results one step further and show the true impact on annual running costs.

The research compared three types of 210 litre unvented cylinders and was aimed at finding out heat up times and the corresponding amount of gas used by the boiler to achieve them.

The research looked at the performance of a standard POWERflow copper cylinder, a POWERflow with a 3m sq integron finned copper coil and a premium stainless steel unvented cylinder – all being powered by the same boiler. 

Taking detailed results on start and end temperatures, heat up times, hot water draw off temperatures at the start and end of the period, this research project reinforced the findings of the previous Ulster University study.

However, the additional measure of energy consumption provides categoric proof that copper cylinders, and in particular the incorporation of a large surface area integron coil, provides a significant saving on annual running costs.

McDonald Engineers UK’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “The superior performance of copper hot water cylinders has never been questioned.  However this research project is able to demonstrate the full monetary savings that using a copper cylinder will bring.”

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