25 Litre Rectangular Hot Water Tank Manufactured For Replacement Contract

25 Litre Rectangular Hot Water Tank

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied these 25 litre rectangular hot water tanks to replace existing Elson Pearl units which was a wall mounted unit for a refurbishment in Humberside.

The highly efficient solution is perfect for reducing running costs in multi-point applications such as in schools, offices, portable buildings and cloakrooms which require a smaller capacity and do not want a mains pressure under-sink unit with its annual servicing requirements.

McDonald Engineers UK designed their market leading Electric CUBEflow to achieve the required capacity and customised the location of the connections to ensure the installation process is quick and easy.

The CUBEflow MINI delivers the 25 litre capacity in just 465mm wide x 190mm deep and 795mm in height and features a 3kW electric bottom entry immersion to achieve the required heat recovery times.

The CUBEflow MINI is supplied in a durable, easy clean, white steel case and comes complete with wall mounted brackets to deliver a safe and efficient hot water solution.

McDonald Engineers UK’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Our ability to design, manufacture and supply highly efficient hot water solutions to your exact requirements, whatever the shape, size or capacity, is simply unrivalled.  Don’t just look at our standard range – tell us what you want and we will find a solution”

To find out more on the range of rectangular hot water tanks available from McDonald Engineers visit /products/rectangular-hot-water-tanks.